In addition to diversifying its product lines, OE has also been expanding regionally. In close cooperation with its principals, OE established two overseas affiliates – Orient Europharma Pte. Ltd. in Singapore (1993) and Orient Europharma (M) Sdn. Bhd. in Malaysia (1997).

In 2002, OE established a third affiliate, Orient Europharma Co., Ltd. Hong Kong. In 2003, a Philippines affiliate was established.

In 2006, OE has further announced its expansion into Mainland China by setting up a Shanghai subsidiary in mid 2006, which willl be a starting point for the company to market its Karihome Goat Milk Powder.


Hong Kong

OE extended its representation to Hong Kong in 2002 with the introduction of Navelbine. The product has been recognized as a cost-effective regimen in non small cell lung cancers and metastatic breast cancers. The affiliate also commenced marketing a full range of Nutricare (Karihome) products in 2004. In 2006, new products for treatment of acne and depression symptoms will soon be marketed.


Singapore / Malaysia

The two subsidiaries were established in 1993 (Singapore) and 1997 (Malaysia). Due to the similiraties in the business environments, these two subsidiaries are being operated as s single unit for effective management.

The major product ranges of these affiliates include oncology, Nutricare (Karihome) and cardiology. Singapore launched Navelbine Oral in 2004 and Malaysia will follow when the license is obtained. Each product range is managed by a dedicated sales and marketing team working in close collaboration with our headquartes and principals.

Future strategic product launches include additional products for the cardiovascular field and a full range of Karihome products within the next 2 to 3 years, whereas Singapore will intorduce a range of health supplements in May 2006.



OE acquired the Philippine subsidiary of Elan Pharmaceuticals in January 2003. OEP Philippines continued its strong performance over the year, in 2005, with revenue increasing 33% above the previous year. Revenue YTD March 2006 exceeded budget and it 33% above YTD March 2005.

OEP Philippines’ product range falls within the following therapeutic clauses: respirator, endocrinology, cardiology and anti-infectives. In 2006, OEP Philippines plans to launch several more products in the aforementioned therapeutic areas, including APRIOR (nicorandil), an Angiotensin II receptor blocker and an HMGCoA reductase inhibitor.

These new product introductions, combined with an expanding sales force, will ensure another successful performance in 2006.


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