A2 Protein Milk: Is It Good For You?

Good Digestion: The Health Benefits of A2-Beta Casein Milk





Before we begin, let’s make two things clear. First off, the term A2-Beta Casein predominant milk, or A2-protein milk, here is not referring to A2 MILKTM which is a trademark of the a2 Milk Company in multiple countries. Second of all, drinking A1-protein milk is not harmful to your children unlike some sources claim so please rest assure that your child would grow up just fine if they have been drinking A1-protein milk [1]. This begs the question; If drinking A1-protein milk does not cause harm to your body, then what’s the point of changing to A2-protein milk which is typically pricey? Well, a lot of reasons, to be candid.


But first, let’s find out what exactly is A1-protein milk and A2-protein milk. A1 and A2 refers to the predominant type of protein in the milk. Protein is one of the key nutrients present in milk, it is important for children to eat foods high in protein as a diet rich in protein is good for healthy growth. So to put it simply A1-protein milk refers to the milk containing a lot of A1-protein and S2-protein milk refers to the milk containing a lot of A2-protein.


Although some scientific studies that indicate that consuming A1-protein may increase the risk of getting diabetes and heart disease back in 2018 [2] [4], we must emphasize again that is simply not true as many global healthy authorities such as European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) have since released official statements that A1-protein and A2-protein does not have any adverse effect on health [3].




Reduce Bloating & Gassiness




However, A2-protein milk does contain some advantages over A1-protein milk, mainly in terms of the relieving stomach discomfort when consuming milk. When A1-protein is digested in our stomach, a component call BCM7 is released, BCM7 can slow down the digestion of lactose, which will eventually lead to digestion issues such as bloating and nausea [5]. You may remember from our previous article about the benefits of goat milk that majority of Asian will have some form of difficulty digesting lactose hence taking A2-protein milk does help with easing stomach discomfort when you can’t digest lactose well.





Easy To Digest




Similar to the digestion of lactose, some animal studies as pointed out that the digestion time for A1-protein milk is longer than A2-protein milk [6]. While the exact reason why such was the case is still currently under investigation but theories indicate that it could be because the nutrients present in A2-protein milk being more bioavailable [6] [2], which essentially mean that the structure of A2-protein are much more exposed to digestion.





Where Can You Get A2-protein milk?






As of now, exclusive A2-protein milk is not available in Malaysia however, there are some milk that is predominantly high in A2-protein than its counterpart, A1-protein. Example of milk that is higher in A2-protein include goat milk and sheep milk. Goat milk is a natural source of A2-protein milk.


In conclusion, scientific studies does show promising prospect regarding A2-protein milk however we must keep in mind that the studies and benefits regarding A2-protein milk is still relatively new hence more studies need to be conducted before we can ascertain the benefits of A2-protein milk. But in the meantime, the potential of A2-protein milk to be the viable option for helping children overcome digestion issues certainly seems to be hopeful. 













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