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Dealing and Preventing Eczema In Young Children



Eczema in children can be a terrifying sight to behold, with its red, scaly patches showing up on your kid’s skin. While eczema may be common in young children, it is also very treatable. To first understand how to manage your child’s eczema symptoms, one must know what exactly is eczema.


Eczema or atopic dermatitis is a medical condition where patches of skin become inflamed, itchy, red, cracked, and rough, it is a condition that affects up to 15% of children in the world [1]. Children below the age of 1 are more prone to eczema as their skin are significantly thinner than adult skin in structure, composition, and function. Due to this unique biological design, they tend to lose moisture faster than adults resulting in dry and sensitive skin.




What causes Eczema?

There are many factors that causes eczema while eczema is not life-threatening, it is still good to keep in these triggers in mind to avoid a flare episode:




Beat The Eczema Before It Beats You!

Most cases of eczema exhibits mild symptoms before developing into a full-blown flare up. Controlling the early symptoms is key to managing eczema. Here’s some tips on how to manage eczema:


Goat Milk Formula and Eczema

While goat milk children formula is still a relatively new product in the market, its benefits are starting to be recognized by experts. Goat milk by nature contains lesser allergens than cow milk hence it may reduce eczema in children that is allergic to milk [2].

However, it is to note that while goat milk is less allergenic, it still contains allergen and it may not work on children where their allergy is much more severe.