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Goat Milk And Eczema

Goat Milk Formula and Eczema


While goat milk children formula is still a relatively new product in the market, its benefits are starting to be recognized by experts. For instance, goat milk by nature contains lesser allergens (components that triggers allergy reaction) than cow milk hence it may reduce eczema in children that is allergic to milk [1].



To understand how does goat milk reduce the risk of allergy, we must first understand the principles of food allergy. Food allergy is caused by the overreaction of the immune system towards a certain nutrient inside of a specific food, most food allergy is caused by the protein of the food.



The cause of food allergy is still not very well understood but scientists have pointed towards a combination of genetic inheritance and the surroundings of a child’s upbringing. When people with egg allergy ingested eggs, their body misrecognized the protein in the egg as a harmful substance and thus attempt to remove the protein out from their system, thus typically results in allergy symptoms such as breaking hives, diarrhea and even vomiting [2].






Similarly, as goat milk has lesser protein that triggers allergy, it may be suitable for children with cow milk allergy. Milk is a complex source of nutrients and thus there are many types of protein present in cow milk and goat milk. However, goat milk do have lesser as-1 casein which is a common protein that triggers allergy symptoms from milk [3].  


While some experts might argue that goat milk and cow milk have very similar compositions hence it does not help in reducing allergy in the slightest, recent studies have reported that children with milk allergy does do better when consuming goat milk formula as compared to cow milk formula [6]. As stated in the beginning, although the concept of allergy is still fairly foreign to researchers, the future certainly look promising for goat milk.


However, it is to note that while goat milk is less allergenic, it still contains many other protein types. Allergy is an oddly specific condition, if your child is allergenic to another protein that is not as-1 casein then there is a chance that your child will still exhibits allergy reaction. Hence if your child is severely allergic to cow milk, we do recommend you to consult your pediatrician to choose a suitable formula for your child.



That being said, as goat milk still contains lesser allergens, children with mild allergy reactions such as eczema may be able to benefit from taking goat milk.




~ By Charlotte Lee, 2020 (5 years old son)

"My son have tried all types of cow milk formula, but all cannot work.
Now he can drink fresh cow milk but still cant tolerate cow milk formula, it causes him itchy. When he was less than 2 years old, even had bad rashes after drink cow milk formula.

He drink karihome since 1year old and now he is 5 years old. 
His ezcema no more flare up since he was 2years old. 

I believe Karihome milk can boost his immune system. It allows him to get rid of childhood eczema earlier, NO MORE FLARE UP after eating egg as well."


~ By Mazlieha Bt Razali, 2020

My son had mild eczema especially at his eyebrow before consuming karihome milk. After I read about the benefit of karihome milk, my husband and I decided to give it a try and Alhamdulillah~~



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[3] Park, Y.W., 1994. Hypo-allergenic and therapeutic significance of goat milk. Small Ruminant Research14(2), pp.151-159.