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6 Foods That Mothers Should Eat During Pregnancy

Source: Medical News Today


Maintaining a healthy diet during pregnancy is important as you are not just eating for yourself but for your baby as well. As a matter of fact, the development of the fetus is heavily dependent on the mother’s diet and eating the right food is the key to ensure that the pregnancy goes smoothly.




While each trimester have slightly different requirement, generally your body requires additional vitamins and minerals. Several key nutrients include:




Additionally, pregnant mothers also require 350-500 extra calories each during the second and third trimesters [1]. That being said, you should still be very careful on what you eat as excessive weight gain may increase the risk of gestational diabetes and weight gain which may lead to birth complications [1]. Here are 5 foods that you should eat during pregnancy.







 Source: Harvard Health - Harvard University



Legumes are an excellent source of fibers, protein, folic acid, iron and calcium – which most of them are key nutrients your body needs more during pregnancy [1]. This group of food includes chickpeas, beans and peas.  






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Pregnant mothers require more protein for the growth of fetus. While any type of meat is generally rich in protein, fish is a suitable protein choice for pregnant mothers as aside from protein, fish also provides omega-3 fatty acids for brain development [3].






Source: Diet Doctor



Nuts is a good alternative to fish as it is another good source of natural omega-3 fatty acids. Some variation of nuts in particular such as almonds, walnuts, pecans and hazelnuts contain high amount of omega-3 fatty acids which is good for the brain development of the fetus [2]. Besides that, nuts are high in unsaturated fatty acids, unsaturated fatty acids have lesser calories than their saturated counterpart and thus less likely to cause obesity.


However, in general, nuts should be only consumed in moderation as overconsumption of any form of nuts may lead to excessive weight gain as they are still high in fat.




Broccoli & Leafy Vegetables


Source: Medium


Leafy vegetables such as kale, spinach, cabbages and lettuce are rich in folate, iron and other vitamins. Other than that, vegetables also contain high vitamin C and vitamin E which can boost natural immune system.


Vegetables are also high in fibre that can prevent constipation, which is a common issue with pregnant ladies due to the changes in hormones [4].




Dairy products


Source: Tech Explorist


Dairy products which includes cow milk, goat milk or other animal milk and the products that are made from sources of animal milk is rich in calcium, vitamin D, and vitamins.


Calcium and vitamin D is crucial for fetal development as it is responsible for the formation of bones. Milk in particular is rich in natural calcium and vitamin D.



Goat Milk – Adult Formula Milk With No Added Sugar




While it is important to eat a balanced diet, it is also highly recommended for mothers to drink milk regularly during pregnancy as maternal formula milk contains added nutrition that pregnant mothers require. However, maternal formulas are often high in sugar which may lead to gestational diabetes or weight gain issues, therefore it is recommended to select the right formula that has less sugar and calories.


Karihome Whole Goat Milk adult milk is a goat milk formula for adults. It contains high levels of natural calcium and vitamin D for bone formation and it does not contain any added sugar. Goat milk’s protein is also easier to digest compared to cow milk and thus it can avoid digestion issues.




Key Differences Between Karihome & Other Cow Milk




There are several benefits Karihome has over cow milk. For starters, goat milk’s fat globules is only 1/3 the size of cow milk fat. This makes goat milk fats easier to be digested by our body. Additionally, goat’s milk protein is also smaller than cow’s protein and thus easier to be absorbed by our body.


Imported from the land of New Zealand, Karihome adult formula is made from natural whole milk which is rich in the natural goodness of goat milk. With a hint of mild sweetness from lactose, Karihome whole goat milk is also free of unhealthy sugar such as fructose and sucrose.


Karihome whole goat milk adult formula is also formulated with vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin E, folic acid and iron. However, it should be noted that mothers consuming Karihome goat milk should still continue their folic acid supplement as Karihome whole goat milk is not formulated especially for pregnant mothers.


Regardless of what formula milk you choose, you should still remember that having a balanced diet is of utmost importance in order to ensure a safe and happy pregnancy journey.