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Karihome Goat's Milk Tablet: Milky & Nutritious Snacks

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If you have a toddler, chances are that you have experienced the horror of trying to deal with the raging toddler’s constant tantrum of wanting snacks. However, there’s a fair explanation for that as young kids have an innate preference for sweet tastes thanks starting from the taste of milk [1] They also have more sensitive taste buds hence they may be less interested in trying new foods as the taste of a foreign flavor may overwhelm their taste buds [1].



Sugar are essentially carbohydrate which is the main source of energy for our body and hence it is important for kids to get carbohydrate. However, most snacks and treats kids prefers are often ridden with unhealthy sugar such as sucrose and high fructose corn syrup (HFCS). Overconsumption of unhealthy sugar may lead to health issues on later life, more on that later.



So what are parents suppose to do? Children loves candies, there’s no denying that so how do parents satisfy their child’s craving while minimalizing the health impact of eating too much added sugar? Luckily Karihome Goat’s Milk Tablet would do the trick!




Contains Natural Sugar


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Karihome goat’s milk tablet contains healthier options of sugar which is lactose. Lactose is a natural occurring sugar in milk and it can promote the growth of beneficial intestinal bacteria like Bifidobacterium bifidum and Lactobacilli [2]. Lactose have also shown signs of increase resistance to intestinal infections among young children [2].



Aside from that, another sugar that is present in Karihome goat’s milk tablet is glucose. Glucose is a type of sugar that is common in rice. Although glucose is quite sweet, it is considerably healthier than sucrose and corn syrup as glucose is our body’s preferred source for energy [3]. However, we must note that like every other nutrition, it is best consumed with moderation [3].



Junk food such as chocolates, sugary drinks and candies are high in sucrose and high fructose corn syrups which has been extensively proven to be associated with increased risk of obesity, diabetes and heart disease as these sugars not only increases your blood sugar level rapidly, it is also high in calories [4]. Another health risk associated with too much sugar intake is the dental cavities. It is no surprise that too much sugary food can cause tooth decay as a result of bacteria digesting the sugar in food and producing acids [5].




Made From Pure Goat Milk



Aside from that, Karihome is made from pure goat milk which contains high level of calcium. In comparison with fresh soy milk and fresh cow milk, goat milk contain higher calcium which is perfect for little kids. Calcium as we know is the key mineral that is responsible for healthy bones and teeth, it is also one of the vital nutrition for assisting growth. As children experiences tremendous growth spurt during the age of 1-3, it is important to ensure your child get enough calcium to support overall growth.




Healthy Snack Packed With Nutrition


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Aside from the nutrition from pure goat milk, Karihome is also fortified with vitamin A, probiotics and prebiotics. Vitamin A is good for children as it plays many roles in maintaining overall health. It’s main role in our body is to support optimal eye development and vitamin A have also been a nutrition involved in maintaining healthy teeth, skeletal and soft issues and skin.




As for probiotics and prebiotics, these two ingredients works closely together to promote healthy digestion system. Probiotics are essentially good bacteria that is naturally present in our large intestine. These good bacteria serve as the first line of defense in our body against harmful bacteria in the large intestine. Prebiotics such as inulin and lactose are foods for probiotic and together probiotics and prebiotics and ensure that our gut health is always well taken care of.



All in all, it is worthy to note that Karihome is not a supplement and hence it should not be treat like one. However, in comparison with other candies and junk food, it does provide more healthy nutrition. Moreover junk food such as sugary drinks and chips are noted to reduce appetite and thus may lead to malnutrition and picky eating habits.



Karihome goat’s milk tablet contains 4 different choices each with a different flavor combination:



Mother's Testimonials 



Mother's Name: Lee Mey Gee

Son's Name: Zacfrus


My son likes to eat sweets but as a mother I don't like giving him normal candies because its too sweet. Luckily Karihome goat's milk tablet is not too sweet and can satisfy his craving. Thank you Karihome!