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Coronavirus : Importance of Maintaining Good Immune System



“Official sources from China have now confirmed over 7,700 cases of infections by the novel coronavirus with Wuhan being the epicenter of the outbreak.”

~By New York Times [1]




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The new viral strain of coronavirus is terrifying, but what’s more terrifying is the potential that this pandemic may spiral into panic and the fearmongering tactic frequently used by the media certainly doesn’t help. So in the midst of all the sensationalized news, here’s what we know so far:








While it is a given reality that the situation is not looking very bright, it is important to note that like its predecessor SARS and MERS, coronavirus is curable and preventable if taken the necessary precautions.





Watch Out For These Symptoms




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Virus Can Be Destroyed By Alcohol and Heat.





As the virus can be transmitted through coughing, sneezing and contact with infected patients, the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advice all citizens to wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds and avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands.



Also if you are experiencing cold-like sypmtoms, it is best to check with your healthcare provider right away and receive the necessary treatment and avoid the public to prevent transmitting the disease to other people [6].



What To Do If You Are Sick



Whether be it a normal flu or being suspected of contracting the novel virus, it is always important to maintain a good immune system. CDC recommend that people who are feeling ill should drink plenty of water and get sufficient rest to allow your body’s natural defense system to fend off the virus. Additionally, taking supplements or food that can strengthen immune system can help with building a strong immune system to resists viral infection. Foods that are rich in vitamin C such as citrus fruits and vitamin E like broccoli are great at doing the job [7].



1 Formulated Supplement For All


Preparing a balanced meal consistently may be a daunting task even for most families as it requires time and proper planning. Hence taking supplements is an efficient way to boost your defense system. Goat milk is naturally rich in nucleotides and sialic acid which can boost immune system [8] [9]. Aside from that formulated milk such as Karihome contains complete nutrition such as vitamin C, selenium, vitamin E and zinc which can further boost your immune system.








One may asks, if building a good defense system is what you need to prevent the infection of virus, then why not just take supplemental tablets? There are of course many tablets that undoubtedly can help you to maintain good immune system, however, there is one advantage that Karihome goat milk has is that the nutrients in goat milk is easier to digest [10]. Thanks to that, the nutrients inside goat milk can be absorbed by our body more rapidly and thus being utilized more efficiently. 








Amidst all the worrying news report, it is important to stay calm and positive. The outbreak of coronavirus has not been unprecedented and each time an outbreak occur, humanity has always triumphed. Hence each and everyone of us should play our role in controlling the spreading of this disease and send our loves and prayers to victims who are most affected by this pandemic.






Prepared and written by: Celia See, Nutritionist of Karihome