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The Best Way For Switching Formula For Younger Kids



Switching formula milk can be a troublesome task for parents as it often entails digestion problems such as colic, constipation and diarrhea. However, post-switching digestion issues only will occur if the transition of formula milk was done incorrectly.



One of the most common mistakes is that parents do not mix the milk powder to gradually change from the old formula to the new. While getting constipated after switching formula may not be the case for all children it is one of the most common issue reported by mothers [1].





Understanding Why Constipation Happens          


Children especially during a young age have delicate stomach. This is due to 2 reasons first being that children’s digestive system are less developed as compare to adults and secondly children has less gut bacteria variation as they are not exposed to as many different foods as compared to adults.



Hence the best way to lessen the risk of digestion issues when introducing a new formula is by mixing two milk powder in an orderly and sequential manner:



White Color Indicates Karihome 

Yellow Color Indicates Other Formula Milk





However, it is important to take note that this guideline is based on a serving of 4 ounces. If your child consumes more than 4 ounces of formula milk on each feeding, simply add 2 more days to your transition period. For example, if your child drink 6 ounces of formula milk in each feeding, here’s how you should do it:




Always remember, switching formula is always a trial and error matter as each child is unique to each and their own. If you are interested to let your children try Karihome please contact us for more consultation at Facebook: Karihome Malaysia or email us at [email protected]