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Goat Milk: Key To Boosting Immune System Naturally


In recent times, boosting immune system has been a hot topic for debate as many sources claim that immune system maintaining good immune system can prevent infection of virus such as COVID19 or the flu virus. But the truth is you are still as susceptible to contracting COVID19 if you are exposed to the virus. Why so? That is because your body’s immune system can only eliminate and curb viruses that you have been exposed before. As COVID19 is a new virus, you will still fall sick and it will take time for your immune system to slowly recover from the illness.


Then why is maintaining immune system still so important now then? That is because it is the next best thing that we have while we wait for the development of a vaccine. Maintaining a good immune system allow us to lower the risk of getting sick due to preexisting virus and bacteria such as the common cold and lower the chance of us having to go out from our house. And if the off chance that if you unfortunately did contract COVID19, having a good immune system is ever more important. Let’s hope that won’t happen.



Natural Remedies

There are many foods that can boost immune system and the most popular ones being apple. Citrus fruits such as apples, oranges, lemons and kiwis contains high vitamin C which one of the key ingredients in boosting your body’s natural defense system. Another ingredient that is well documented to boost immune system is ginger thanks to its strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Include these foods in your diet can not only boost your natural immune system, fruits and vegetables are also high in other nutrients essential to human.





Milk: A Nutritionally Wholesome Food

Another food that is widely known to be key in boosting immune system is milk. Fresh milk contains a wide array of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, vitamin E and zinc, prebiotics which again, contains strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.


In addition of the vitamins and minerals in milk, milk also contains several unique nutrients that are not widely present in fruits and vegetables. There are many different types of milk but among all of them, goat milk reigns supreme among them all in boosting immune system.



Goat Milk In Building Good Immune System

Not only goat milk is rich in components that boost immune system such as vitamin C and vitamin E, it is also high naturally prebiotics which can ensure your child’s immune system is functioning optimally [4]. Aside from that, goat milk also contains high natural nucleotides.




Nucleotides are tiny building blocks for nucleic acids RNA and DNA, in other words, it is the foundation of the human body. The exact function of nucleotides in maintaining good immune system is rather complicated but essentially, nucleotides play an important role in our immune system as it work as a messenger that coordinates the function of immune system [1].


Nucleotides have also been shown to have immune enhancing capabilities [2]. Other than that, some researches to indicate that nucleotides can reduce the symptoms of common cold including earache and sinus pain [3]. As children often less mature than adult as they are exposed to less bacteria as compared to their parents. Hence, this is why it is important for milk to have high levels of nucleotides as formula milk is a major part of a child’s diet.






~By Nadhirah Bt Mohamed Faidah (1 year plus daughter) 


My child is lactose intolerant eversince she was small. Her allergy to cow's milk made me as a mom worry about my child's health and well-being as she would be vomitting after every feed. 

Thankfully, i was recommended by a relative to try out Karihome for my child. Karihome Goat's Milk is a fantastic quality approach to dairy for those allergic to or having troubles with cow’s milk. Karihome Goat' Milk is also easier on my baby's digestive system. Now she is already 1 year plus and drinks Karihome Step 3. 

Karihome really helps to protect and enhance my child's immune system. She rarely falls sick as Karihome is rich in components that boost my child's defense systems which helps in her growth and health. Lastly, i would like to thank Karihome for the beautiful growing journey for my child. We will continue to show our support and my family wishes Karihome all the best!





~By Noramita Bt Madzelan (1 year 1 month son)


Susu karihome pilihan terbaik, anak jarang demam dan selsema. Semakin aktif dan cergas. Badan pun maintain walaupun kurang makan. Love KARIHOME

Anak saya ekzema since kecil. Sudah cuba beberapa jenama lain, tetapi anak kerap berkahak, nafas berbunyi, selsema dan ekzema semakin banyak. Bila tukar ke KARIHOME nampak perubahan yang ketara. 




~By Khairunnisa binti Sujiman (3 years old son) 

As a working mother, i tried my best to make sure my children stay healthy and happy during my absence. 

I had introduced some other milk to my son (now 3 years old) since he was small but he refused. On the 3rd trial, im thankful that finally he meets his 'new best friend' which is Kari. 

I read goats milk has a more similar taste to breast milk with all the benefits but was also easier to digest. Now, he has consuming Karihome for almost 3 years. My son loved it from the first taste quite literally making his growth healthy with pleasure! 

Happy son, happier mum! Thank you Karihome! So far, thanks God he has not facing any problem with either immune system or eczema, it  was just to give him an enough milk since my production was a bit reducing that time. 





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[3] 5 Davidson I, Fyfe I. A Randomised Double Placebo Controlled Trial of Nucleotide-Containing Supplement Nucell on Symptoms of Participants with the Common Cold – A Pilot Study. EC Nutrition. 2016;4.1:804-811.