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My Child Grow Up Healthily Without Any Problems


Name: Khairunnisa binti Sujiman

From: Bangi, Selangor

Son's Name: Muhammad fakhrullah



As a working mother, I tried my very  best to make sure my son stay healthy and happy during my absence. I had introduced some other milk to my son, but he refused many formulas. But on the 3rd trial, im thankful that finally he meets his 'new best friend' which is Kari, from Karihome. 


I gave him goat milk because I read that goats milk is easier to digest since it is alkline. And thank god my son loved it from the first try and he has grown up to become a healthy kid as of now. As of this year, he has tried Karihome for almost 3 years. 


So far he is not facing any problem at all when taking this milk, no immune system issues and no eczema. Happy son, happier mum! Thank you Karihome!