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Definitely Helps My Daughter To Cope With Eczema


Name: Karen Leong

From: Shah Alam

Daughter's Name: Lexie loo 



My daughther had eczema since a very young age, we have consulted many doctors but no one can pinpoint the source of her eczema. That is until we consulted an allergist in Tangkak, we found out that my girl is allergic to cow's milk. We have to option: Soy milk or goat milk. 


Naturally, the first brand that came into our mind was Karihome because we personally think goat milk is better than soy milk. After consuming Karihome, our daughter is no longer having eczema problem and what's more is that she seldom falls sick thanks to having a stronger immune system now. 


She is still on Karihome until today and now she has grown up to become a strong and energetic kid with rosy cheeks. We will definitely recommend Karihome to everyone.