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She rarely falls sick
She rarely falls sick with karihome

~By Nadhirah Bt Mohamed Faidah (1 year plus daughter)


My child is lactose intolerant eversince she was small. Her allergy to cow's milk made me as a mom worry about my child's health and well-being as she would be vomitting after every feed. 

Thankfully, i was recommended by a relative to try out Karihome for my child. Karihome Goat's Milk is a fantastic quality approach to dairy for those allergic to or having troubles with cow’s milk. Karihome Goat' Milk is also easier on my baby's digestive system. Now she is already 1 year plus and drinks Karihome Step 3. 

Karihome really helps to protect and enhance my child's immune system. She rarely falls sick as Karihome is rich in components that boost my child's defense systems which helps in her growth and health. Lastly, i would like to thank Karihome for the beautiful growing journey for my child. We will continue to show our support and my family wishes Karihome all the best!