Goat's Milk Powder
Karihome Mama Milk
Karihome Mama Milk Contains Complete Nutrition For Pregnant Mothers & Nursing Mothers. Rich in 8 Key Nutrients To Help Mothers and Kids
Specifications:For Pregnant and Nursing Mothers





Karihome is a premium goat milk formula brand that is fully manufactured & imported from New Zealand. Karihome Mama Goat Milk Formula contains key nutrients required by pregnant and nursing mothers such as folate, calcium and DHA. Goat milk is gentler on the stomach and it provides complete nutrition for mothers and children.





Goat Milk Protein - Easier to be digested compare to cow milk, cleanse and maintain healthy digestion


Folate - Key nutrient for fetal growth. Crucial for brain and nervous system development.


Choline - Stimulate brain development


DHA – Helps in mental development of fetus, also increase the DHA content of breastmilk for nursing mothers


Calcium – Key nutrient for healthy bone development for fetus, also supplement loss calcium for mothers to prevent osteoporosis


Iron  –  Key component for red blood cell formation, also supplement energy for mothers


Zinc -  Helps in ensuring optimal growth of fetus, also improves appetite for mothers


Multivtamins – Stimulate brain and eye development, provide antioxidant, anti-aging properties for mothers 2


UNIQUE BENEFIT 1 - Gentle On Stomach, Easy For Digestion


Formulated with pure goat milk from New Zealand, Karihome goat milk protein is only 1/3 of the size of regular cow milk protein.




UNIQUE BENEFIT 2 - Rich In Natural Nutrition


Karihome Mama Goat Milk is formulated with unique manufacturing process.

Determine to preserves the natural goodness of goat milk, Karihome Mama Milk is formulated under mild heating process.




UNIQUE BENEFIT 3 - Maintain Beautiful Complexion


Goat milk is rich in natural vitamin A, vitamin E and zinc which helps moisturizes and maintain healthy complexion.

Goat milk is rich in medium chain fatty acids (MUFA / MCT) which is easier to digest and has lesser calories.



UNIQUE BENEFIT 4 - Reduce Inflammation

Goat milk is proven to reduce the release of inflammatory cells which can reduce the risk of high blood pressure and artery congestion. 



UNIQUE BENEFIT 5 - Boost Immune System

Goat milk can also boost our immune system and reduce the risk of contracting fever and cold for pregnant mothers. This is because goat milk is high in nucleotides and sialic acid which can stimulate our immune system to work more effeciently.